CSS Styling Examples

Interview with the Vampire NovieIf you would like to download this template, get the zip file from here. This post provides examples of the various styles for text in this template. An image of the Interview with the Vampire movie cover should be positioned to the right of this text, displaying the float element of the template.

My favorite book and movie is Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Serving as an example of the list styles is an unordered list of some of the main characters of the book and movie.
  • Lestat
  • Louis
  • Claudia
  • Armand
  • Santiago
  • The Interviewer
This is italic text. This is bold text This is linked text.
"In the old world Louis, they called it "The Dark Gift." ~Lestat
NymphontThe image to the left is an example of how a linked image looks in this template. It links back to my blog.

I hope you like this template. If you need any assistance with this template feel free to contact me.


Lauren said...

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